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Solar Power and Financial Health

Everyday Energy Savings: With inflation rising, cutting energy costs makes a large impact on families. Save hundreds on your initial energy bills!

Increased Home Value: Home values increase by over 4% on average after solar installation, nearly a $10,000 value for the median U.S. home.

Tax Incentives and Programs: In 2022, households that install solar panels will earn a 26% federal tax credit and become eligible to earn money through Ohio’s net metering program!

Protection from Energy Taxes: 2022 has seen federal governments charge high taxes on energy consumption. Avoid penalties in the future by creating your own energy!

Fighting Emissions: Solar energy is about more than saving money. Going solar can reduce your home’s carbon footprint by 80% in the hope of creating a greener future!

Grid Independence: Using onsite batteries, solar-powered homes store energy that can be used in case of an outage on the grid.

Pathways and Hohm Energy

Top Offers from Vetted Solar Installers

With Hohm's streamlined proposal process, you get competitive offers from reliable installers within minutes.

The Solar Installation Process

1 Initial Solar Proposal

Initial Solar Proposal

With our user-friendly form, you can submit a solar proposal in five minutes. You will also submit a loan application so that Pathways can approve financing offers for you!
2 Solar Provider Match

Solar Provider Match

You will then be matched with an accredited solar installer in the Columbus area and offered a selection of products based on your specific needs and budget.
3 Solar Financing Offer

Solar Financing Offer

With the loan approval process complete, Pathways will be in touch with financing options, bringing you closer to a sustainable and cost-effective future.
4 Solar System Design Finalization

Solar System Design Finalization

We will work with you to finalize key details of the project, ensuring that every aspect of the system meets the highest standard and is focused on your needs.
5 Seamless Installation

Seamless Installation

Led by a quality assurance specialist, your installation team is fast and effective, seamlessly completing your solar setup within three to five days.
How It Works

How Rooftop Solar Works


A New Kind of Bright. To gain and retain energy, the large solar panels on your roof will capture the sun’s rays before converting them into direct-current (DC) electricity.

Usable Energy. Next, an onsite inverter converts the direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) that is usable in your home or business.

Versatile Storage. With batteries, you can store captured AC for use if the power grid is down, or you can sell it to your local energy provider under Ohio’s net metering program.

Secure Energy Onsite. Your inverter integrates your home or business with the local electrical grid, meaning you always have a backup on rainy days.


Superior Financing from Pathways

Pathways Financial Credit Union is a full-service not-for-profit financial institution in Columbus, Ohio. Our goal is to help our members find their path to better banking, and ultimately, financial freedom. Through financing, Pathways is helping empower members to take control of their energy and invest in themselves. More than a bank, Pathways is your true financial partner.


The Pathways - Hohm Partnership

Pathways and Hohm Energy

Pathways Financial Credit Union was initially formed from three respected Central Ohio credit unions: Members First, Powerco, and Western. Coming together to build on one another’s capabilities, we do more for our members and ensure their bright futures! Since then, we have welcomed additional credit unions into the Pathways family, always looking to build and strengthen our community.

Now, we are partnering with Hohm Energy, the solar rooftop marketplace that provides the best home solar solutions. Hohm believes everyone deserves the cost savings and benefits of solar. It is a complex process, but Hohm was created to share expertise, making solar simpler for end-users through a network of solar installers, financiers, and product suppliers!

Together, Pathways and Hohm hope to provide energy transformations that bring wealth, sustainability, and innovation to more central Ohio homes!


Frequently Asked Questions

Cost estimates vary depending on your individualized implementation plan. By financing your system through Pathways, your monthly loan payments will typically be the same as or less than your current monthly electric bill. There is no down payment required and you’ll be locking in your cost of electricity, saving you money for years to come.
Hohm is 70% faster than traditional installers, meaning the entire process —from initial proposal to flawless implementation— could happen in 1 to 2 weeks.
In total, solar can save homeowners up to 5 times the initial installation cost over a 25-year period. This return comes in the form of energy savings, home value, net metering, and federal tax credits!
We are on a mission to make rooftop solar the norm, and our marketplace is built with this goal in mind. We connect you with trusted installers, using our extensive industry knowledge to find the best quote!
Pathways Financial Credit Union offers worthwhile financing options to make sure you see a strong return on investment!
You deserve a comprehensive maintenance and support plan to ensure performance! While traditional providers offer a 1-year maintenance plan, Hohm commits to 5 years of maintenance work!
Simply click below to start the loan application and quoting process!

Contact us to learn more about financing options for your solar panels.

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